How can I lower the environmental impact of labels and packaging?

​If you're a brand owner or a label printing company, we're confident you've asked yourself this question once or twice. With the growing consumer demand and increasing regulations, packaging sustainability has become pivotal. Labels are an essential part of packaging and have a crucial role in enabling recyclability and reuse.

At Markii Labels, we are passionate about promoting sustainability and take great pride in being able to offer cutting-edge sustainable solutions to our customers, the best the industry has to offer. We use the three Rs to consistently portray the possibilities you, as a brand owner or a printing company, have for making a positive impact with sustainable labels – Reduce, Renew and Reuse.
Minimize your ecological footprint and alleviate the pressure on natural resources by opting for label materials designed to be resource-efficient.
Examples of adopting this approach involve utilizing lighter film, paper for the face, and liner materials.

Solutions for reducing resources:
  • 19um PET
  • PE/PP Lite
  • DT of Linerless
  • Solvent as Optional
Transition away from fossil fuels by selecting label materials crafted from verified sustainable and renewable resources.
Explore a diverse range of options, including cutting-edge innovations like the industry's pioneering 100% wood-based label material.

Solutions for using renewable resources:
  • PP Food/Biobased
  • Laminated materials
Promote circular economy by choosing label materials that support recyclability and enable recyclable packaging, or allow for reuse.
An example of this category is the utilization of wash-off labels that improve PET bottle recycling efficiency.

Solutions for promoting recyclability and reuse:
  • Wash AD-Off labels -Caustic Water
  • Wash Soluble Labels
  • Recycling compatible labels
  • Removable labels
  • Repulpable adhesive